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Our Debut EP

Recorded Between November 2012 and January 2013.


released June 9, 2013

James Gillen - Vo Cals
Ethan Lawson - Persmushion
Trae Primrose - Bass. Like the Fish
Edwin Degrella - "Lead" Gitarr
John Powelson - Schmythmn Gitarr

cakeordeathproductions : Nick Baydoun

Producer : Brent Powelson

Artwork : Alexine Rioux



all rights reserved


Johnny Velvet & The Scares Nashville, Tennessee

We are a rock band. We are from Nashville. Hello.

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Track Name: BC
Oh lord oh my.
Why did she come.
It's like I'm staring down a smokin gun.
With her red lipped face and her cocaine eyes and her sexy strut and her swinging thighs.
It's like she climbed from hell
Good or bad I just can't tell
I see those black jeans she's wearing, oh lord she wears them well. There's a place for her In my heart but I just don't know where to start Where the conversation ends its like death begins

I'm a fool in a queens game
Just like the fool that I play
Oooh What you do
You know I'm born to lose
Like a card without a face and a jack without a trade

There's this spot that she hits
It feels so good that I trip
Oh I will fall right down to my knees
Cause she playing with my dreams or nightmares I have about her
It's just a cold vivid blur
Why is this broad messin with me
Cause she knows I ain't no king
I will tremble in my knees when she sinks her teeth into me
Well it feels so damn good,
So good that I can't breath
Track Name: This Place Called Home
It's a simple old man sittin on his porch
Watching the whole world light up like the end of a torch
He shakes his weary head as he sips his tea
And looks up to the sky with words behind his teeth

Woah ohh ohh ohh

What have we done with this place called home
You know we're so together but always alone
Don't pick up your phone it's someone you don't know
You need to watch your mouth cause we don't like you tone

Oh come through our doors and come up our stairs,
and don't forget your suit cause everybody cares
What you got in store is blinded by your clothes,
and were are politicians so that means we're

Track Name: Lucy
Here she strutting in her short black dress
All the boys are gonna cry when they see the rest
Oh you know they will, oh you know they will
Tempted run but they won't get far
She gonna chase them down in her black belly of a car
Oh she's on your tail
With a ponytail

Oooohhhh Lucy
Drags me down
Through the fire
Ohhh Lucy
Wears me down
She's the devil

Calling my name with the forked tipped tongue
The preacher man says 'member those hymns that we sung
Well you know they're real,
and she's gonna kill
Read all your scriptures and all your prophecies
She's gonna leave you alone when her kingdom freeze
Man she's hella mean
Deadly beauty queen
Track Name: Crazy Me
I got spider webs
Keeping my head together
Can you tell me if I'm looking any better
I'm a ray of sun
Then a rainy cloud
Its kinda hard to look at those people when your head is looking down
Well I've told you before but you never listen.

Ohhh its true
You never did a thing that I ever asked you too
Oh it's true
I've always lived with lies cause I always lived with you

Nothing makes sense
My Head is spent
Kinda hard to make things appear when they simply don't exist
and the question is,
if this is bliss,
wonder what my life would be like when its you I miss.
Well I've told you before but you still don't listen, no.
Your limitations are limited but those limits are fiction
Oh its Fiction


You can run and tell your friends

So what if you think I'm crazy
Its this crazy mind thats made me
Oh its made me.
So what if you think I'm trying
If I am telling the truth then I am lying
Oh I'm lying

There is something deep in my mind
and If it catches me I'm afraid of who I will find.